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Lockdown 3.0 in SA - July 2021

Here we are again facing another lockdown in South Australia.

We know there is a lot of questions and concerns on whether you are permitted to leave home during the lockdown period to comply with a shared parenting agreement.

Under the current directions, parents should be aware that they are obliged to adhere to court ordered parenting arrangements unless there is a reasonable excuse not to. This also includes shared parenting plans/arrangements that are not court ordered.

If you have any concerns that you could compromise the safety/health of yourself, the children or the other parent, then you should communicate this with the other party as soon as possible.

There are reasonable excuses not to comply with a shared parenting arrangement if either of the parents or children have been directed to quarantine or isolate or there are risks of exposure.

If there are queries during the lockdown period, we are available to answer your questions whilst working remotely.

For more information, visit the following link at the Law Society of SA's website.

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